Visiting the Azores – All you need to plan your trip


Visiting the Azores and exploring its stunning nine islands should be on your travel plans. If you reside in mainland Portugal or Madeira, this trip can be considered a domestic journey. Experiencing the Azores also means getting acquainted with different cultures, cuisines, traditions, and, of course, enjoying breathtaking landscapes, landmarks, and monuments.

A destination synonymous with magical nature, leave behind the hustle and bustle of large cities and prepare for a peaceful adventure. Many visit the Azores as a sanctuary for moments of pure relaxation.


You can explore these nine islands in various ways. Satisfaction and fulfillment are guaranteed on all of them. Below are some tips and notes you’ll need to plan your trip to this paradise, as well as some of the most popular activities that will make your journey unforgettable.

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For additional information, given the current situation, refer to the complete guide for safe travel to the Azores. This guide provides all information about procedures before and after your trip, with a particular emphasis on mandatory COVID-19 testing.

Booking your trip

Before booking your trip, we recommend planning a stay of at least 4 to 5 days. Regardless of the island or islands you choose to explore, you won’t want to be stressed about not having enough time to discover all the hidden gems and charms.

For options on travel packages to the Azores, please visit this page.

Praia Formosa
Praia Formosa
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In the Azores, you’ll find a range of accommodation options to suit your stay. Choices range from fantastic hotels and residences to hostels, local lodgings, and rural accommodations.

Search for the best deals at the most affordable prices below.


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Car Rentals

Renting a vehicle is essential for exploring during your stay. Several car rental companies are available, with some operating at the airport upon your arrival. However, we recommend booking your vehicle in advance to ensure its availability when you arrive.

Rent a Car Açores

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Excursions and Activities

If you prefer not to rent a car or would like to complement your trip with guided or group tours, there are also options like tourism companies offering guided island tours. Plan your trip in advance and enjoy a hassle-free experience upon arrival by booking excursions and tours online.

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Visit the Azores

Now that you’ve gathered the three main points for planning your trip to the Azores, let’s delve into some more details to consider.

Marina de São Mateus
Marina de São Mateus
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Best Time of the Year to Visit the Azores

Like any travel destination—except for winter and snow destinations—most tourists aim for good weather. In the Azores, there isn’t a specific “ideal” time to visit any of its nine islands. Although, naturally, summer is the high season and most chosen period for travel.

Mas se viajar noutra altura do ano, certamente irá igualmente ter uma estadia fantástica. A temperatura nos Açores é bastante húmida. Para além desse factor, poderá deparar-se com várias “estações do ano” no mesmo dia. Por exemplo, estar a chover numa localidade enquanto a alguns quilómetros depois está Sol.

Este pode ser um factor que ajudará no planeamento da sua viagem, não terá de optar apenas pelo Verão para visitar os Açores.

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Strom on the Horizon
Strom on the Horizon
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When traveling to the Azores, you’ll “gain” an hour as the time difference compared to mainland Portugal and Madeira is minus one hour.

Time Difference

Ao viajar para os Açores – como se diz na gíria – ganha uma hora. A diferença horária em relação a Portugal Continental e Madeira é de menos uma hora.


Azorean cuisine is quite rich, featuring delicious dishes with unique regional flavors. Don’t miss out on local specialties like Cozido das Furnas and Azorean Lapas.


Ilha do Pico
Ilha do Pico
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Visiting the Azores means you’ll take thousands of photos. Make sure you have ample storage on your camera as there are countless sights you’ll want to capture and remember later on.

Hiking Trails

Lagoa do Congro
Lagoa do Congro
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If you enjoy hiking, the Azores offer a variety of trails where you can appreciate the surrounding nature. For this activity, you can find all the necessary information, maps, and details about the routes on the dedicated trails website.

Whale Watching

Observing whales and dolphins is one of the many activities that can make your stay in the Azores memorable. A journey into the Atlantic Ocean to see these magnificent creatures offers an unforgettable experience.

Actividades & Lazer

Para além das actividades acima, tem igualmente à sua disposição:

Pontos de interesse e locais a visitar

Veja e leia alguns dos artigos que já partilhamos no byAçores:

A ilha do Corvo
A ilha do Corvo
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Now that we’ve outlined some of the most important points for planning your trip to the Azores, all that’s left is to discover the Azores for yourself. If you have additional tips or questions about your journey, join the “Amantes dos Açores” (Lovers of the Azores) group on Facebook. We are already a family of thousands of members offering tips, sharing experiences, and clarifying doubts about the Azores as a destination.

Visit the Azores, visit us!

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