Visit the Azores - Your Complete Tourist Guide

Explore the Azores archipelago, made up of nine fascinating islands located in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. Discover the unparalleled natural beauty of this travel destination, filled with breathtaking landscapes, rich local culture and unforgettable adventures.

At byAçores, we offer detailed travel advice, personalized itineraries and useful information to make your visit to the Azores truly exceptional.

Complete guide to plan your trip to the Azores

At byAçores, we provide all the information, services and contacts you need for a peaceful and unforgettable stay in the Azores. From accommodation to local cuisine, adventure activities and historic landmarks, we have it all covered. In addition to the main topics listed below, on this portal you will find detailed travel guides, personalized itineraries and useful advice to maximize your experience in the Azores.

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Explore the Azores: Guide to Unmissable Places to Visit

We have compiled a list of the most stunning and unmissable places to visit during your stay in the Azores. From unparalleled natural landscapes, to historical monuments and adventure activities, the Azores offer a variety of unique experiences that will certainly make your trip a memorable one.

Ilha de Santa Maria

Santa Maria Island

São Miguel

São Miguel Island


Terceira Island


Graciosa Island

São Jorge

São Jorge Island


Pico Island


Faial Island


Flores Island


Corvo Island

Travel Packages to the Azores: Exclusive Promotions and Unmissable Opportunities

Plan your trip to the Azores with our exclusive travel packages. We offer a variety of options to make your stay memorable, from convenient flights to comfortable accommodation, all inclusive. Explore our current promotions and discover the perfect combination of adventure, relaxation and culture in the beautiful Azores.

Activities and Experiences in the Azores: What to do during your stay

The Azores offer an abundance of unique activities and experiences to enrich your stay. From hiking through stunning natural landscapes to exploring the rich local culture, there is something for everyone in this unique archipelago. Discover the true beauty of the Azores while enjoying its unique characteristics and making the most of your visit.

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