Atlanticoline – Schedules and Prices 2024


Atlanticoline is the entity responsible for maritime transportation of passengers, goods, and vehicles between the islands of the Azores. Divided into two operations, the seasonal (connecting all islands) which takes place in the spring and summer months, and the regular, throughout the year, on some islands, see below in detail.

Annually, the schedules and connections are reviewed, so you can check below the 2024 Atlanticoline schedules and respective fares.

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Schedules 2024

The 2024 schedules for the Blue, Green, Pink, Lilac, and White lines are now available. Below you will find the updated schedules.

Blue Line Schedules

Connection between Horta (Faial) and Madalena (Pico)

Green Line Schedules

Connection between Horta (Faial), Madalena (Pico), and Velas (São Jorge)

Pink Line Schedules

Connection between Santa Cruz (Flores) and Vila do Corvo (Corvo)

White Line Schedules

Connection between Faial (Horta), Pico (Madalena/Cais do Pico), São Jorge (Velas), Graciosa (Praia), and Terceira (Praia da Vitória)


Lilac Line Schedules

Connection between Faial (Horta), Pico (Madalena), São Jorge (Calheta), and Terceira (Praia da Vitória)

Orange Line Schedules

Connection between Velas (Graciosa) and Pico (São Roque)

Prices and Fares

There are various fares available, including prices for adults, children, seniors, youth, vehicles, cargo, animals, among others. You can check the complete list and respective conditions on this page.

Atlânticoline Açores

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