Which is the best Azores Island to visit


Which is the Best Azores Island to Visit? This is one of the most frequently asked questions from our dear visitors, readers, and tourists. It’s also a straightforward question, but with an answer that is not so simple and easy to give.

Therefore, we decided to produce this article to answer this question in detail and, if you also have the same doubt, to clarify it and help you choose the island(s) to visit.

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Which is the Best Azores Island to Visit?

In reality, it would be unfair to point out or suggest a single island to visit. There is no best island to visit. All are ideal and excellent to visit and enjoy, considering that each one has its own characteristics, attractions, population, and activities.

We believe that the choice of the island(s) should always match what you are looking for. What might be ideal for one person could be completely the opposite for another. Let’s look at some points about each island.

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Santa Maria Island

Baía de São Lourenço (2006)
Baía de São Lourenço (2006)
Fotografia de ByAçores

Known as the Island of the Sun, it has fantastic bathing areas, calm and with a unique and characteristic landscape. Its terrain is relatively drier, so you won’t find as much greenery as on the other islands. But that’s no reason to skip visiting Santa Maria Island; on the contrary, here are some highlights:

São Miguel Island

The presence of lush green nature on the island lives up to its nickname: Green Island. It is the largest island in the archipelago and also the most popular due to its urban development and population. It is one of the islands with the most lagoons, waterfalls, and other natural beauties. During peak tourist seasons (spring and summer), you may encounter more people, especially at points of interest. Some highlights:


Ilha Terceira - Viagem e Alojamento

On this island, you will find one of the most incredible tourist attractions in the world, visiting the interior of a dormant volcano and exploring two fantastic cities, Angra do Heroísmo – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Praia da Vitória, which are full of history, festivities, and unique places to explore. A island with magnificent landscapes with different contrasts, known as the Lilac Island. Some highlights:


Its name already suggests what you can expect from this island: graceful by name, landscapes, history, and also by the magnificent and unique Queijadas da Graciosa, known worldwide! It is classified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and is known as the White Island. Some highlights:


It is on Pico Island that you will find the highest point in Portugal, the majestic Pico Mountain, which leaves no one indifferent. Also known for its fantastic vineyards planted on lava soil and located in small plots separated by stone walls. With these unique characteristics, it is also known as the Gray Island. Some highlights:

São Jorge

São Jorge Pacote de Viagem - Alojamento e Voos

São Jorge Island is known for its magnificent fajãs, each with unique characteristics, where you can appreciate and enjoy equally unique moments. It is known as the Brown Island because of its rocks at Ponta dos Rosais. Some highlights:


Faial - Pacote de Viagem

On Faial Island you will find a landscape with unique characteristics, after the eruption of the Capelinhos Volcano, and where Ponta dos Capelinhos is located. It is also known for the famous and one of the most visited marinas in the world, the Marina of Horta. Known as the Blue Island due to the abundance of hydrangeas. Some highlights:

FloresPoço da Ribeira do Ferreiro, Flores - Azores

Flores Island boasts breathtaking landscapes with its numerous waterfalls and lush greenery. A pure nature setting makes it the Pink Island due to its vibrant azaleas. Some highlights:


Caldeirão, Ilha do Corvo

Corvo Island is the smallest in the Azores archipelago, yet it also has unique characteristics and beauty. Known as the Black Island (due to its small size, appearing as a tiny “black dot” on the horizon when seen from Flores, and its lacework of black stone walls). Some highlights:

As you can see, each island has its own highlights, unique features, landscapes, monuments, and diverse points of interest. Explore the best of each island during your trip to the Azores. To make the most of your stay, also check out: