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If you are planning to travel to the Azores, or another destination in Europe or even internationally, it is recommended to get travel insurance. These insurances not only cover health-related situations at the destination but can also protect against other issues such as loss, theft of equipment (mobile phone, drone, camera), baggage damage, among others.

In this article, you will find all the information about Heymondo, the market-leading insurance company in Europe that has now arrived in Portugal. To celebrate its arrival in the Portuguese market, you can get a 5% discount on purchasing insurance.

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What is Heymondo?

Heymondo is a specialized travel insurance company known for its extensive experience, innovation, and dedicated team. With over a million travelers served in more than 150 countries, Heymondo has a proven track record of assisting with a wide range of situations, from minor baggage issues to critical health problems and repatriation.

Logotipo Heymondo

Their commitment to innovation is reflected in the use of advanced technologies to offer high-quality products and services, including a 24-hour medical chat and free assistance calls. This traveler-centric approach is made possible by an exceptionally dedicated team focused on continuously improving the purchasing and travel experience of their customers.

Due to the pandemic, the company stood out by including COVID-19 coverage in all insurances, covering related medical expenses and quarantine costs, as well as ensuring cancellation due to illness or death of the traveler or family members due to COVID-19.

What do the insurances include and cover?

Below you will find all the options and areas that insurance can cover. Some are optional and may vary depending on the insurance option you choose at the time of purchase.

Medical Assistance

Your policy offers a wide range of health services, from emergency team care to surgeries, and includes a limit for urgent dental treatments. To enjoy these benefits, simply contact the insurer’s assistance service, which operates 24 hours a day and can guide you to the appropriate health facility, facilitating the process and avoiding direct expenses.

Repatriation or Early Return

Your insurer ensures support for travel in critical events, such as accidents, illness, or death, including transport to the hospital and home, and the return of companions. In cases of hospitalization or death of family members, or serious occurrences at your home or workplace, the cost of your return is also covered.

Theft or Damage to Your Baggage

Your policy offers protection in cases of violent theft, loss, or damage to baggage due to fire or assault, covering up to the agreed limit. This includes compensation for baggage delivery delays, assistance to recover forgotten or stolen items, and a service to locate and send lost baggage.

Changes and Loss of Services

If your transport is delayed by more than 6 hours, your insurer will cover additional hotel, food, and transport expenses, as well as costs to resume your trip due to missed connections. Additionally, in cases of overbooking or last-minute flight or hotel cancellations, you will be entitled to compensation.

Adventure Sports

The Tranquility, Top, and Premium policies (see information on the website) include a wide range of activities by default, such as water and land sports, leisure, and adventure activities. The Top and Premium options offer additional coverage for more extreme activities like diving, canyoning, and climbing, ensuring safety in riskier adventures. For specific details about the activities covered and the limits of each policy, it is advisable to consult the general terms of the policies.

Electronic Equipment

This insurance offers protection for your electronic devices, such as laptops, tablets, cameras, among others, covering damages from theft, total or partial loss by the carrier, and damages from fire or assault.

Delayed or Cancelled Flight

Through a direct partnership with Airhelp, Heymondo will handle your delayed or canceled trip claims and compensation.

Types of Insurance and Coverages

Several insurances and coverages are available, such as single trip, multiple destinations, and the choice of the above-mentioned options.

Check out the table below for a comparison of single-trip insurance:

Essential Travel Tranquility Travel Top Travel Premium Travel
Medical assistance 100,000€ 600,000€ 3,000,000€ 10,000,000€
Early return or repatriation Included Included Included Included
Theft and equipment damage 600€ 1,500€ 2,500€ 3,500€
Changes and loss of services 1,500€ 3,500€ 4,000€
Electronic equipment 300€ 750€ 1,250€ 1,750€
Flight cancellation Optional Optional Optional
Adventure sports Included Included Included
Deductible Optional Optional Optional

Other Insurances

In addition to the simple single-trip insurance, other insurance options are available:

  • Annual Multi-Trip Insurance;
  • Long Duration Travel Insurance;
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance.

Advantages of Traveling with Heymondo

In addition to the features and coverages mentioned above, traveling with Heymondo goes beyond simple insurance, thanks to the Heymondo App.

Aplicação Heymondo

Heymondo provides its customers with an app that will accompany them throughout their trip, 24/7. The main advantages of this app include:

  • Your assistance calls are always free: When you need assistance, feel free to contact the support team from anywhere in the world for free.
  • Report your incident quickly: Inform us about your incident quickly and easily from the app so we can help resolve it as soon as possible.
  • Your documents always at hand: All your policy information is always in the app: policy and certificates, phone contacts.

How to Get Travel Insurance with Heymondo at a Discount

The process of purchasing travel insurance is very quick, intuitive, and easy to do. To get a discount, go to this link and click on “Calculate your insurance“.

You will be redirected to a page where you will be asked for basic information:

1) The type of insurance you want

There are three types of insurance:

  • Travel insurance: for a single trip;
  • Annual multi-trip insurance: insurance for all trips made throughout the year (maximum 90 days stay)
  • Trip cancellation insurance

Tipos de Seguro Heymondo Portugal

Let’s simulate choosing simple travel insurance for a trip to the Azores or another destination; on the next page, select the country you are in and where (or which) you want to get travel insurance for:

Seguro de viagem com desconto Heymondo Portugal

On the next page, indicate your travel dates. Even if you are already traveling, you can still get travel insurance.

Datas de Viagem Heymondo

Finally, on this simple and quick form, you need to indicate the number of travelers as well as the respective email address. After filling it out, click on “Calculate Price”:

Selecionar viajantes heymondo

In our simulation, for example, for 1 traveler and travel insurance for Portugal > Portugal (e.g., a trip from mainland Portugal to the Azores), lasting 7 days, these are the insurance values (including a discount at the time of publication of this article):

Simulação de Seguro de Viagem Heymondo

As you can see, for just 5.18€ in the Tranquility Travel plan, you get your travel insurance with medical assistance coverage up to 50,000€, baggage damage or theft up to 1,000€, changes or loss of services up to 500€, and even electronic equipment up to 500€.

Let’s consider the following example: you made your trip and:

  • You arrived at your destination with damaged luggage. Your luggage has a market value of 100€.
  • During your stay, while hiking, you damaged your camera. Your camera has a market value of 250€.

For just 5.18€ (the cost of your insurance), you can activate your insurance and be compensated for the luggage and damaged equipment. Without insurance, you may have to handle the baggage process with the airline and wait some time to get your money back, as well as buy a new camera. A cheap travel insurance that gives you all the security for a peaceful trip.

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Is it worth getting travel insurance for the Azores?

Although it is often thought that travel insurance is mainly associated with health issues you may face at the travel destination, they go beyond just this very important feature.

Traveling with all the tranquility you want on a holiday, protecting yourself and your family, but also your luggage, equipment, and other unforeseen events.

When traveling to the Azores, if you depart from mainland Portugal, the health system is the same, so you won’t have difficulties (we always hope it’s not necessary, of course) accessing a public hospital or health center. But if you want or need to go to a private institution, it will incur extra costs on your trip. With travel insurance, where the minimum coverage is up to 50,000€, you don’t need to worry.

If on your trip, besides all your luggage, you have your camera, drone, mobile phone, or other equipment to capture all the fantastic landscapes and moments experienced on vacation, the insurance will cover possible damages, losses, or theft, providing additional peace of mind.

These aspects should be taken into account when traveling to the Azores or any other holiday destination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get travel insurance?

When traveling, unforeseen events can arise, but travel insurance like the one offered by Heymondo ensures 24/7 medical assistance and solutions for transport or baggage incidents. Customize the coverage according to your trip and focus solely on enjoying the experience, knowing you have continuous support.

What should you do if you need medical help


For non-urgent medical situations, Heymondo suggests using the medical chat in its app, where specialized doctors respond to queries. In emergencies or if the chat does not resolve the issue, the assistance service directs you to the nearest health center. Contact information can be found in the policy or the Heymondo app.

What does travel insurance cover?

Heymondo’s insurance covers 24/7 international medical assistance without upfront costs, as well as baggage protection, delays, cancellations, repatriation, civil liability, and legal assistance. It also offers special coverage for cruises and adventure sports, with the option to add cancellation and electronic equipment insurance.

Where can I get discounted travel insurance?

Heymondo, in partnership with byAçores, offers at least a 5% discount to all our readers. To ensure your discount, you must access this link to get a price quote with a discount. In promotional campaigns, greater discounts may apply.

Now that you know a little more about Heymondo, how it works, how to purchase travel insurance, and its advantages, consider getting travel insurance for your trips to the Azores or another destination with Heymondo. This ensures you have a peaceful and secure holiday.

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