How to Make Azorean Limpets – The Secret of the Seasoning Revealed


Azorean Limpets are a popular seafood delicacy across all nine islands of the Azores.

You can easily find this treat in a restaurant or local tavern near you, and they are typically served grilled with a traditional sauce that gives them a divine flavor.

Azorean Limpets have a unique touch that sets them apart from the rest.


Lapas dos Açores

Emigrant Emanuel Medeiros, for New England TV, revealed his seasoning secret for Vila Franca do Campo Limpets, a recipe that is generally made across all the islands.

Azorean Limpets Recipe

Sauce: margarine, salt, lemon, and local pepper.

You can see in the video below, step-by-step, Emanuel’s tips explaining how to prepare the most flavorful limpets.

How to Prepare Azorean Limpets

  • Cleaning the Limpets: Start by cleaning the limpets. Prepare a sauce with finely chopped garlic, pimenta da terra (a typical Azorean spice), margarine, and lemon juice.
  • Grilling Setup: Place them on a frying pan or griddle with the shell facing down so that the sauce does not spill out of each limpet.
  • Adding Sauce: Pour the prepared sauce over each limpet.
  • Grilling: Cook them over low heat until they detach from their shells.
  • Serving: Serve immediately, still hot, in the same container where they were grilled, accompanied by bread.

There are also other ways to enjoy this delicacy: raw or in limpet rice. However, grilled ones are undoubtedly the most popular and widely sold.

After watching the video, you’ll surely be tempted to try some limpets, right?

If you visit the Azores, you can enjoy this dish at various places. If you’ve been to the Azores and miss this treat, you can find frozen limpets imported from Madeira at Jumbo hypermarkets on mainland Portugal. In Porto, you can buy limpets from the island of São Jorge at the Mercadinho dos Açores.


Share this fantastic Azorean Limpets recipe with your friends and family and enjoy!

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