How to make Pimenta da Terra – A typical and traditional Azorean pepper sauce


Pimenta da Terra is one of the must-try Azorean spices when you visit any of the islands of the Azores. It is primarily served alongside white cheese, creating a pleasantly contrasting flavor palette.

It is also used in the preparation of various culinary dishes, serving as a seasoning. In some cases, it’s also used in typical Azorean starters, such as Azorean Lapas, where Pimenta da Terra adds a regional touch.

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Leonor Santos, an emigrant in Bermuda and creator of the YouTube channel Sabor dos Açores, provides us with a video where she explains step-by-step how you can easily make your own Pimenta da Terra at home.

There are a few varieties of this product, with the only difference being the level of spiciness. It’s an Azorean tradition that, if you haven’t tried yet, you can look for in the market or make your own at home to appreciate its flavor.

Pimenta da Terra Recipe