São Miguel, Pico e Flores num vídeo com imagens incríveis e arrepiantes

“We explored the most beautiful places of the islands Sao Miguel, Flores and Pico in the Azores. The unique thing about the Azores are the beautiful nature differences between the islands. the most beautiful hikes trough the forest, on a volcano or along the black volcanic beaches give a great experience and is truly a paradise. Between the islands there is a beautiful habitat for dolphins, whales and numerous marine animals throughout the year. My advice: take your time while traveling here or come come back again. There is too much to see and do. I will definitely come back soon as possible. The Azores are sometimes called the Hawaii from Europe and I think this is most definitely true. My number one activity was sleeping on top of the volcano after a 3 hour hike. While being above the clouds watching the sunset and in the morning the sunrise. At midnight there where countless stars and even valling stars. This is definitely a stripe trough my bucket list.”

Vídeo por TractionMovies

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