How to do Bolo Lêvedo das Furnas – typical and tradicional from Azores

Bolo Lêvedo is a typical and regional sweet from Vale das Furnas at São Miguel island, Azores. A cake, in a round shape and not too high consisting of eggs, flour, sugar, butter, yeast, milk and salt.

Its origin is related to the presence of the first colonists of this local, constituting its base of feeding. Nowadays it is already a reference that attracted the curiosity of thousands of tourists and also appreciated by locals. People say that visit Furnas and do not taste the famous bolos lêvedos is like going to Rome and not see the Pope.

Given its popularity, this cake, which was initially simply consumed now was also used at restoration and served as a hamburger base and also with butter, cheese and ham, like a Mixed Bolo Lêvedo. Gives it a unique touch and flavor.

Furnas is also home to the two largest producers of this specialty, Maria da Glória Moniz and Rosa Quental. Locally you find this specialty on any commercial surface and given the great demand, more and more are the bakeries producing and selling this product.

If you have already tried the Bolo Lêvedo and are looking forward to taste again this unique product, we will leave you the complete recipe can you make it at home.

Bolo Lêvedo Recipe


  • 500g Flour type 65 without yeast;
  • 125 g sugar
  • 125 g butter
  • 15 g Fresh baking of baker
  • 200 ml milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon of salt

Prepare the dough

To begin the recipe, you will begin by preparing the dough of the Bolo Lêvedo, for this place in a container the flour, adding in the center (make a small hole in the center) the milk, the eggs, sugar, butter and the yeast. Mix everything – with a wooden spoon – until the dough forms.

Now add the salt and mix everything well with your hands. Remove the dough from the container and knead it very well. Afterwards form a ball and sprinkle with flour and place in a container, where it should be at rest to leaven. You should put it in a warm place for about one to two hours (up to twice its size).

After the dough is properly leavened, form small balls (the size of an orange, for example) and place them under a kitchen cloth dusted with flour. Use the entire mass to form the various balls leaving a small space between them.

Sprinkle all the dough balls again and place a cloth over the top. You should now wait another one to two hours to let it rise / double its size.


Now that the dough is finally in the ideal conditions, let’s move on to the making of the bolos lêvedos. The traditional one is confectioned in a wood oven in a clay pot. In this case, in this homemade recipe, you should use a frying pan.

Heat the skillet over low heat. Spread the dough previously made with the help of a plate or with your hand and place it in the frying pan.

Tip: You can fry directly in the frying pan or lightly sprinkle the frying pan with a little flour.

Fry the cakes until you get a golden color on both sides. Given the volume of dough, the heat should be even soft so as not to burn the bolo lêvedo. Turn several times if necessary.

When you get the desired color and consistency, remove them to a basket or cloth and charge them, while finishing the rest.

Bolo Lêvedos from Azores - Recipe

Tasting suggestions

Agora que terminou e já fez os seus Bolos Lêvedos chegou o momento de deliciar-se e saborear os mesmos. Assim simples são uma delícia, ainda assim – como indicado anteriormente – poderá degustá-los de outras formas. Eis algumas sugestões:

Now that you has finished and made your bolos lêvedos, it is time to delight them. So simple are a delight, yet – as indicated earlier – you can taste them in other ways. Here are some suggestions:

  • Butter-baked, when they are hot;
  • With cheese and ham;
  • Sweet or compote;
  • Honey;
  • Garlic Butter;
  • Can be used as a hamburger base;

Bolo Lêvedo recipe – Video

Through the YouTube channel Sabores dos Açores by Leonor Santos, Azorean emigrant in Bermuda, also see step by step how to make your bolos lêvedos.

Do you like this recipe? If you have had the chance to taste the bolos lêvedos, surely this recipe gives you the possibility of being able to delight them in your home. If you are not yet familiar with this unique Azorean specialty, this will be one more reason to visit Azores.