Natural Pools of Varadouro – Faial Island

Varadouro Natural Pools are located in Fajã do Varadouro, Capelo parish, on the western coast of Faial Island. These are formed by volcanic rocks that give a beautiful contrast to the blue of the sea.

This place is one of the main summer areas on the island, and is very popular with visitors and residents. The place offers a good tourist infrastructure, and visitors can choose to stay in the tranquility and safety of the natural pools or the open sea that is right next door. The bather will still be given a beautiful view of the Monte de Castelo Branco.

Varadouro - Faial, Açores

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History & Features

The Varadouro Natural Pools are formed by black balsatic rocks, which are lava flows that after the eruption reached the sea and gave rise to the rocks.

Varadouro Natural Pools have salty and warm waters. In summer, the average temperature is around 22ºC. Due to the tropical climate in Fajã do Varadouro, even in winter the temperatures are always mild and provide a great experience for the visitor.

Piscinas do Varadouro - Ilha do Faial - Açores

(C) Paulo H. Silva / SIARAM / CMHORTA

The place offers bathers various support structures such as showers, toilets, bar, parking, surveillance and accessibility for people with walking difficulties. The pools still carry the Blue Flag, which has been renewed each year.

Varadouro Natural Pools have a very pleasant environment for the whole family, with clear, calm waters and great for diving and snorkelling. It is an ideal place for families with children, as it has its own pool for children, so they will have a safe place to have fun and bathe.

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The Varadouro Natural Pools are a very pleasant summer area for the whole family. The location, the climate and the infrastructure contribute to the fact that more and more people choose it as a favorite bathing destination in Faial Island.

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