8 reasons why you should know and visit the Azores

Do you know that feeling when we discover something or know something so unique and incredible that you want to tell all your friends and family? This is one of the sensations you will have when visiting the Azores . A magical place with unique characteristics in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It is difficult to visit the Azores and not want to know all its 9 islands.

Once in your life you should at least get to know one of the islands of the Azores . We have put together 10 reasons why you should travel, get to know and visit the Azores.

Visitar os Açores

# 01 Travel for short duration and at affordable prices

Traveling to the Azores is now even more accessible, with the liberalization of air space and the arrival of lowcost airlines (Ryanair and EasyJet). But, as with all holiday destinations, there are plenty of travel options with or without accommodation at your disposal. The investment will certainly be worth it, believe me.

With trips of short duration, for example with departure from Continental Portugal 2 hours of travel will be enough to reach the island of São Miguel. A direct flight from Boston (United States) to Ponta Delgada takes about 4 hours.

There are also some direct flights with the islands Terceira, Pico and Faial. Between islands you can travel through Sata Air Azores (Azores Airlines). During the summer, if you wish, you can also travel by boat to any island.

See the airlines that fly to the Azores as well as the Travel Agencies and find the right hotel package for your stay.

# 02 Meet the only tea plantation in Europe

Chá Gorreana - AçoresTrue, the only tea plantation in Europe is located in San Miguel. You will be able to know the Gorreana tea plantation that began in 1883. The visit to this space is free, being able to know a little more about the cultivation and treatment of the various types of tea existing. And of course, enjoy and taste the unique tea. In addition to Tea Gorreana you can visit the Porto Formoso Tea Factory, which operated between the 20s and 80s. Later, in 1998 it was recovered and is in activity, well worth the visit.

Also on the island of São Jorge you will find another interesting plantation. It is in Café Nunes that the only European coffee is produced.

# 03 Relaxing and unique landscapes and moments

Poça Dona Beija - São Miguel - Açores

Foto: pocadonabeija.com

With volcanic origin, the Azores gather unique landscapes, such as hills, ponds and hot springs.One of the great attractions and where you can undoubtedly relax your body and mind are the thermal baths in São Miguel. You can do so in four different places: Ponta da Ferraria, Caldeira VelhaTerra Nostra Park and Dona Beija Pool .

When it comes to landscapes, choose any of the islands and you will feel in paradise.

# 04 Fantastic hiking and walking trails

The Azores are the ideal place for those who enjoy discovering and hiking. Its pedestrian paths lead to places of authentic magic and always accompanied by its landscape and nature. On all the islands you will find several rails where you can venture out. They are all properly identified and documents. Consult the Azores Trails page to find out more.

One of the most challenging places to visit is certainly Pico Mountain on Pico Island. Ever thought of the adrenaline of climbing to the highest point of Portugal?

#05 Gastronomia

The Azores are rich in their gastronomy, with regional and typical practices in the various islands.Let’s start with the delicacies, the fantastic Lapas dos Açores that you can delight and enjoy. Try the typical São Jorge cheese. Not forgetting also the famous fresh white cheese with “Pimenta da Terra” , an Azorean specialty. In São Miguel it is mandatory to taste the Cozido das Furnas .On the Island Terceira is the highlight for the divinal rump and that very well the third-generation know how to make.

Octopus Stew and Soup of the Holy Spirit are two other dishes that you can enjoy during your stay.

As for cakes and pastries, the Azores also have unique products that you will fall in love with: Bolo Lêvedo , Queijadas da Vila, Queijo da Graciosa, Cavacas, Malassadas, Horseshoe and Crayfish.

# 06 Maritime Activities

Whale Watching AzoresThe location of the Azores could not be the best for sea activities. In the heart of the Atlantic Ocean you can dive deep in the ocean, watch whales and dolphins. An increasingly sought after destination for this type of activity.

In all the islands, easily, finds companies dedicated to this activity with diverse options and programs.

# 07 Small towns and localities

The movement, stress and traffic of large cities, such as Lisbon and Porto, do not compare with the tranquility of the Azores. Regardless of the Island you visit you will find that the localities are quite calm and without the stress to which you may – eventually – be accustomed. Nothing like going to a holiday destination and getting away from the often stressful routine.

The Azores are the ideal choice.

# 08 Memories you will hardly forget when visiting the Azores

The Azorean people are rich in history and love to receive and meet new people. During your stay you will surely be able to check out the friendliness and the way the tourists get well. Along with this, all the points listed above will make your vacation in the Azores an unforgettable landmark of your life. Memories to tell and to relive, after all the Azores do not go that far. And believe me, you will want to go back and explore all the islands.

If you still had doubts about visiting the Azores with just these 8 reasons surely this should be one of your next vacation destinations. These are just a few topics, quite summarized, of what you can visit and do in the Azores. See the remaining articles on this site with more details, places and points of interest to know.

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Enjoy your stay in the Azores.

8 reasons why you should know and visit the Azores
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